Street Condition Update for Friday, January 24, 2020, 4:20 p.m.

The Traffic Management Center has suspended winter operations for this weather event following 80 hours of continuous service. Crews report arterial street conditions as wet with dry areas beginning to develop. Residential streets range from slush to snow-packed with ice remaining from overnight freezing. Drivers should be alert for refrozen areas in the mornings, especially in untreated areas.

The public is reminded that it is illegal to push or blow snow into or on any street, alley or sidewalk. Violators are subject to a fine. Residents are encouraged to clear snow from fire hydrants.

City ordinance requires property owners to clear snow and ice from sidewalks by 9 a.m. the day following the end of the snowstorm. Sidewalks must be kept clear of snow and ice during the day. The entire width of the walk must be cleared, along with any adjoining wheelchair ramps or curb cuts. To report locations not cleared, residents are urged to use the free UPLNK app available at (keyword: uplnk).  For more information, contact the Lincoln Transportation and Utilities sidewalk office at 402-441-7541.

If a property owner does not clear the walk and a complaint is received by the City sidewalk office, notice will be given to the owner. City ordinance requires written notice to be left on the front door or other conspicuous place on the property. If an unresolved problem is reported again, the City may hire a snow removal contractor, and the owner is responsible for the charges.

Please stay informed on the status of winter operations in Lincoln. Additional information is available on the City website at For more information, call the Traffic Management Center at 402-441-7644.